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Gotmilf: So here i am in bed waiting for you, where would you start and how would you finish? please lets hear your comments!

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Posted for Unregistered Guests, VCitizens, VResidents by Gotmilf ( )



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flag as inappropriate Jayjay91    Nov. 10, 2017

mmmm you are so hot can i slide my huge cock in that sexy pussy

flag as inappropriate Michelle    Aug. 12, 2016

Yum yum

flag as inappropriate THICK and HUGE    May 14, 2016

I'd straddle over your face hang my big hard cock so you could suck and lick until you're hot and wet.
Then I'd spread your legs pull your pussy into the air and slide in and ram you until you cum and are
sexed out You have a hot inviting loo that I'll jack off and lust for your insides. Love your tits to suck.

flag as inappropriate drgng    Dec. 3, 2015VResident

I would lay you back ,spread your legs wide and lick and suck that pussy until you squirt. then put you on your knees and fuck that pussy while I put a thumb in your ass.

flag as inappropriate rosswilliams728    Dec. 2, 2015
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I start kissing the back of your neck.....and kissing my way down to your perfect full breasts, as I feel your wetness... licking and nibbling and tongueing for hours..... and then laying you on your tummy on the edge of the bed..... and sliding in from behind as I spank that cute ass and pull your hair as I slide in and out........ tickling your G Spot with my big mushroom head, making you squirt all over my cock...

flag as inappropriate LuckyII    Nov. 15, 2015VResident

I would start by sucking those great tits and the piercings until you screamed from me to stop and then I would move to your pussy and suck and lick it until you came. Then I would flip you over and put my hard cock in you sweet ass. I would finish by kissing you sweetly on your lips and sticking my warm tongue down your throat.

flag as inappropriate OSURE    May 12, 2015

Look Thre Hole World Want All That Nice PUSSY, And Me To.. And You are Good Looking To. ??? WOW. I Need A Life Time With You. ?to Do What I Want To Do. ???

flag as inappropriate Vcityfan    May 1, 2015

You are so damn sexy !!

flag as inappropriate Vcityfan    May 1, 2015

You are so damn sexy !!

flag as inappropriate Chuck    April 16, 2015VResident
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I'd start out by kissing your lips down to your neck I love your body your wet pussy and then I would let you suck me in a 69 and then let you roll up on top ride me

flag as inappropriate Franziska    Aug. 16, 2014
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We like :-*
the cock of my friend wants to get in there ;-)

flag as inappropriateWillem10 & Kathleen    May 2, 2014
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flag as inappropriate Chuck    Dec. 4, 2013VResident
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mmmmm my my...Id rip that suit off with my teeth...turn you over first thing and fuck your ass

flag as inappropriate Mr.D    Nov. 26, 2013

I would start with my head between your legs eating that gorgeous pussy!! I would finish anyway you like!

flag as inappropriate Jeff    Oct. 11, 2013
VCity Userpic

What a lovely lady, really sensual.

flag as inappropriate neonhiro    Oct. 2, 2013

oh my Ms. Lovely!!!

flag as inappropriate Gorway    Oct. 1, 2013

Loved youer eyes and smiles...
Loved your sexy poses and sexy attiude...
kisses and post more....

flag as inappropriate beasttamer    Oct. 1, 2013
VCity Userpic

I would just start with that sweet pussy, lick it and finger your asshole until you cum in my mouth. Than I would suck your nipples till they were rock hard. I would then slowly insert my cock into your throbbing pussy. Work up speed and fuck you until you pass out.

flag as inappropriate mottob    Oct. 1, 2013VResident
VCity Userpic

I would start by asking what you wanted me to do and then make it happen. By the way that is a fabulous pussy. Might I suggest a slow licking in just the right spot!

flag as inappropriate CT2013    Oct. 1, 2013
VCity Userpic

You are a gorgeous woman. So pretty.

flag as inappropriate cazzo    Sept. 30, 2013
VCity Userpic

i would start licking and kissing your tits and then fuck your pussy with my 26yo thick cock and after ill cum in your mouth

flag as inappropriate hellomamma    Sept. 28, 2013
VCity Userpic

I would start by passionately kissing your beautiful mouth then tease you nipples with my tongue all the while my fingers are teasing your gorgeous pussy then I would slowly slide my cock inside and ravish you until you me me explode inside you...Hope you liked that :)

flag as inappropriate ice wonder    Sept. 26, 2013VResident

Your beautiful eyes looking directly at me as your fingers play with your pussy. Love to see your face as you explore with your fingers.

flag as inappropriateGeebs    Sept. 26, 2013

Oh hell, I don't quite know where I'd start. Sliding my hard cock into that pretty face, tits built for fucking, or putting those luscious long legs over my shoulders for a deep fuck into that soft smooth sexy pussy? So many wonderful choices...

flag as inappropriate Captain    Sept. 26, 2013

Well being your so beautiful , Id kiss you all over.Making sure to suck and pinch those nipples hard.Once your writhing , Id proceed to spread those lower lips for agood tonque lashing , fingering your g spot real good.Once lubed , Id introduce you to agood fat cock ride

flag as inappropriate ocaz    Sept. 26, 2013
VCity Userpic

yo empezaria besandote la boca ... luego todo.... porsupuesto gastaria mucho tiempo en tus hermosas tetas.. y terminaria muy dentro de ti!!!!

flag as inappropriate Dick_Long    Sept. 25, 2013VResident
VCity Userpic

BEAUTIFUL woman!! ... BEAUTIFUL tits!!! ,,, BEAUTIFUL cunt!! .. LUV YOU!!

flag as inappropriate petmozx    Sept. 25, 2013VResident
VCity Userpic

Beautiful - eyes, mouth, smile, tits, body, pussy ;-)

flag as inappropriate dobbie    Sept. 25, 2013

Oh my goodness.

flag as inappropriate Gatorfan    Sept. 25, 2013

I'd watch you masturbate so I'd learn how you please yourself, then I'd watch your husband fuck you, so he wouldn't feel neglected, then I'd ask you how you'd like to be fucked, sucked licked, or toyed, and if you would prefer a menage et trois with he and I, or me to fuck you while he watched.

flag as inappropriate Double A    Sept. 25, 2013
VCity Userpic

I can just imagine how wet your getting reading our comments. That saves me time from foreplay. Your juices are pouring, I will just flip you on the side of the bed and doggystyle fuck you hard!

flag as inappropriate Jon    Sept. 25, 2013VResident
VCity Userpic

Very hot pic. KISSES all over.

flag as inappropriate Johnny B    Sept. 25, 2013
VCity Userpic

Since I would be crawling, I'd start right where your hands are by licking and sucking and swirling my tongue until you had your first couple of O's. Then I'd move up and suck your big boobs briefly before I gave you a big open-mouthed kiss, sharing your sweet juices with you as you are rubbing your pelvis against my hard cock. But I want a blow job from that sweet face first....

flag as inappropriate twistinside    Sept. 25, 2013VResident
VCity Userpic

Damn what a sexy woman you are! I think I would love to start off looking into your eyes, run my fingers through your hair and kiss you deeply while feeling your pierced nipples against my chest. Then I would have to kiss and suck on your hard nipples, then working my way down kissing your stomach and spreading your legs. Touching and kissing the inside of your thigh all the way down one leg and then up the other before licking up and down your slit and circling your clit. Inserting my finger inside your wet pussy and licking and sucking on you until you cum then moving up and kissing you so you can taste your juices on my face as I slide my very hard cock slowly inside your pussy feeling your lips wrap around my cock.

flag as inappropriate bema    Sept. 25, 2013
VCity Userpic

Want to play with your outstanding pierced nipples!

flag as inappropriate pisellobello    Sept. 25, 2013
VCity Userpic

I want to start from your sexy lips then kiss your neck, lick feet and legs, massaging the back and finally deep in your ass cumming on thees beatifull tits

flag as inappropriate Jaster    Sept. 25, 2013

So sexy. I'd kiss down your neck gently biting. kiss sick and but those gorgeous nipples. kiss down to that pussy that's nice and wet. Start licking your clit sliding a finger in. hearing you moan I'd lick and finger til you came then I'd slide my now rock hard cock up inside you. My hands on your ass lifting your hips I'd start thrusting hard into you. You come again and I'd turn you over and start going slow. Hearing you moan. You telling me to pound you harder in between moans. Grabbing your hips with one hand and feeling and pinching your nipple with my other hand. P pounding you. So close. Where should I cum? deep inside you out cum on your ass and back

flag as inappropriatememphis_pimp    Sept. 25, 2013

I would start by kissing the back of your neck and nibbling on your ears , as I reach around with one hand and play with your breast as my other slides your damp panties to the side and I slide a finger in your hot ,wet , tight, excited pussy.
As I kiss your neck you turn and our mouths meet as we kiss passionately as I tweek your hard nipple and rub your swollen clit. I whisper in your ear how hot I think you are as you reach down and feel the bulge in my Levis , and unzip my pants as I bend you over and enter your dripping wet pussy from behind and sink my thick throbbing cock in balls deep and listen to my shaved balls slap off your sweet ass till I feel my balls tighten up and I pull out and shoot my hot sticky load all over your lower back and ass. Then I bend down and bury my face in your sweet pussy and lick you clean , you naughty little hottie

flag as inappropriate soccerdad    Sept. 25, 2013
VCity Userpic

Seem like you could use a good locking

flag as inappropriate dabhi    Sept. 25, 2013

nice body

flag as inappropriate iloveboobs    Sept. 25, 2013VResident
VCity Userpic

Gorgeous!...I'd start by kissing your beautiful lips...and neck...I'd explore your sexy body with my hands, and mouth....and we would finish simultaneously...he he he!

flag as inappropriate hippie1488    Sept. 25, 2013

I'd start by kissing and licking every inch of you then put my dick in your sweet pussy put your legs over my shoulders and fuck you fast and hard until we cum together

flag as inappropriateace4869    Sept. 25, 2013
VCity Userpic

What a beautiful lady, thanks for sharing her with us.

flag as inappropriate medman29    Sept. 25, 2013VResident
VCity Userpic

First I would start by giving you a nice warm wet kiss on the face gazing into beautiful gorgeous eyes. My mouth would work its way down to your gorgeous breasts or I would lick and suck on your hard nipples grazing my teeth ever so gently over them. Then I would move my lips down to your fantastic thighs where I would kiss my way up to glistening Gloryhole or my outstretched Tong would lick its way up your sweet warm wet lips. I would finish by flicking my tongue ever so gently and a nice circular motion overtop your hardening cllit perhaps if you requested I would insert my finger and graciously please you at every request.

flag as inappropriate Blitz    Sept. 25, 2013VResident
VCity Userpic

I crawl up the bed and kiss my way up those sexy legs to that gorgeous shaved pussy where I lick from top to bottom and let my thumb massage your clit. I roll you on top of me so you can sit on my face and massage your lips and slide my tongue in and out of your pussy while my hands reach up and grab your tits. I massage them gently, and then feel for your piercings where I slowly tug on them feeling your nipples stiffen and your legs slowly tighten as my tongue flicks your clit back and forth slowly.

We finish as I slide out from under you ask you to lay forward and bring my hard cock up to your slit, shove in and push it as far as it can go.

I ride you from behind as your excitement and my cock makes you wet enough to soak my cock and the sheets. We finish by my cumming in you as hard as I can and your pussy pulsing on my cock milking the rest of my cum out of it.

flag as inappropriate Hunter1970    Sept. 24, 2013VResident
VCity Userpic

Very sensual and both tits pierced! Must be a wild one in bed. Outstanding sexy lady

flag as inappropriate mav    Sept. 24, 2013

with such a Sexy Lady and Sssweet Delights soooo alluring for sssssslowly lavished attention for her blissfull enjoyment .........

flag as inappropriate luvladies    Sept. 24, 2013VResident
VCity Userpic

I first would take you hand look you in the eyes and tell you how beautiful you are, then describe, in escalating degree of naughty , how in all detail I would make love to your delectable body, then kiss you and have our hands explore and roam , before I descend on those scrumptious breasts and nipples , my hands making a path for my mouth to follow down to you sweet sweet pussy, licking it sucking your clit as my fingers tease you ass , I would make you cum and before you catch your breath i'd be devouring your wet pussy again this time at a fevourous pace making you orgasm come fast and intense and the do it again before you scream for me to fuck you !!

flag as inappropriate kipper    Sept. 24, 2013

Beautiful lady.. Love them big o tits

flag as inappropriate John Morgan    Sept. 24, 2013VResident
VCity Userpic

So pretty. Love your eyes, tits and pussy. I would start by sucking on those great engorged nipples and work my down with my hands and mouth to your sweet pussy. And after you were feeling good, I would stick my cock in and we would have a wonderful time.

flag as inappropriate freewolf1975it    Sept. 24, 2013
VCity Userpic

I could die licking you're wonderful body in every hole!

flag as inappropriate Arj    Sept. 24, 2013
VCity Userpic

I will start by licking the lovely smooth pussy and definitely finish by cumming on those gorgeous tits.

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