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Gotmilf's Amateur Wife Photo Blog: Pierced Nipples Photo

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Gotmilf: It's been a while.. Did you miss me? I'm tired of this toy ... How would you get me off? please tell!

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Posted for Unregistered Guests, VCitizens, VResidents by Gotmilf ( )



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"Love all the comments keep them cuming !!! Thanks to Voyeurclouds and my followers for making this such a fun place......"


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flag as inappropriate canco    March 21, 2020VResident
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I would luv to join u there nd toss that toy aside

flag as inappropriate Hornydick40    Jan. 7, 2017VResident
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Mmm, you are fucking hot! I want to fuck and suck your pussy tits and toes and then 69 you and cum in your mouth while I am sucking your pussy and then bend you over and cum in your ass and pussy until I fill them up and then do you all over again until you can't take it any more!

flag as inappropriate jackin    Dec. 13, 2016VResident
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flag as inappropriate Chrissy    Dec. 11, 2015
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Great body , we girls know how to please ourself, super girl xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

flag as inappropriate RunningBear    May 20, 2015
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By filling you up wit this!!

flag as inappropriate Vcityfan    May 1, 2015

You are so damn sexy !!

flag as inappropriate hounddog    April 25, 2015

Lick your clit while I rub your G Spot and finish you off by making you squirt.

flag as inappropriate Johnnyb    April 20, 2015
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I will lick those sexy hard nips on your yummy titties with my talented tongue for a good while till youre juices are flowinf like a river, then head furter down south, cross that sexy belly button, then reach the next button, your sexy swollen clitty. Cirlcle it for a while, then all of a sudden suck it good: Would you like that?

flag as inappropriate in awe    April 18, 2015

I am glad I found you. Move that little think aside and let me fill up your honey pot with my big hard cock. You seem like you would like your nipples kissed and tweaked as I my cock goes deeper and picks up speed spreading your wet, tight pussy.

flag as inappropriate Luv2lik    April 17, 2015

Gorgeous! I Would luv to lik your pussy dry. Luv the piercing's. Is your clit pierced as well?

flag as inappropriate Captain    April 17, 2015

Toss the toy . Ive got two strong arms and thick cock. Lick and suck your titties till there hard , venture south and tongue your pussy till you blow

flag as inappropriate RonB    April 17, 2015
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Killer hot pic of your killer hot body. Yummy

flag as inappropriate LUNCH    April 17, 2015
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I think you look a little like Angelina joley and a little like liz hurley. Two beautiful women moulded into one.
With a face as beautiful as yours I would have to start there, running my fingers through your hair whilst gently kissing and nibbling your neck. I would kiss your lips and slowly run my tongue around your teeth and explore your mouth. My hands would have moved down now, one caressing your breast whilst the other gently squeezed and massaged your buttocks, slowly working your pussy to a moist state of anticipation. I would then move down slowly kissing from your neck to your breasts flicking your jewellery with my tongue and sucking your nipples to a delightful tingle. My hand is now massaging your labia. I can hear the juices of your pussy and it is making my cock throb. I put two fingers inside of you and massage your g-spot. Your face is rosey now and you are moaning, arching your back and getting very wet. You want my cock inside you now but my fingers keep on stroking you whilst my face is kissing your lips and licking your breasts, sucking on your now very sensitive nipples. With a loud cry of intense pleasure you squirt over my hand it seems like a river. I move down to taste your juices and tongue your tingling clit but you pull me forwards frantically kissing me. My cock is throbbing and finds its way easily into your soaked pussy, I feel your nails digging into my buttocks pulling me deeper into you. My chest is pushing your tits forward and back with each thrust of my cock. My balls are soaked in your cum and as you reach down and gently squeeze them I cum inside you moaning with shivers of delight running through my entire body. I want you from behind now and i'de like to fuck your ass too but maybe a glass of champagne first?

flag as inappropriate Bigpipemel    April 17, 2015

Hot damn you are one gorgeous lady !!! Your body is smokin hot and your tits are to die for !!! I would love to take you doggie and pound you hard deep and fast before turning you over and letting you ride on top and letting me watch your hot tits bounce back and forth !!! to see what you do to my long and thickness !!!

flag as inappropriate KsMac    April 16, 2015

wow, baby how did I miss you? You're gorgeous! beautiful smile too.
Mac :)

flag as inappropriate Wow Man    April 16, 2015
VCity Userpic

I'd start off by licking you to a few orgasms, then fuck you for a few more!

flag as inappropriate justrite    April 16, 2015

I would suck your clit till you cum all over my face.

flag as inappropriate OSURE    April 16, 2015

I Don't Know Y. You Would Use A FAKE DICK, Anyway. ????? If I Were There, I Would First Love To Play With Thoes Great TIT"S, Then, Work My Way To That Nice Wet PUSSY. Wnd Love To EAT It For A Few Hours. Then, I Can. Put My BIG, FAT COCK, In That Nice Wet PUSSY, Nice And Slow. Just The Way You Like It. YES. ???? Great Job. I Know You Are Having A Great Time. So I Will Go Back To My, DREAMING. ?? That Is All I Have Good Luck. Have Fun. ???

flag as inappropriate Hank    April 16, 2015
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Yes it has been & welcome back. I would have to tongue you till you screamed no mas

flag as inappropriate kodakuk1    April 16, 2015
VCity Userpic

Straight forward. Lick you to orgasm then a fast and furious fuck ought to do it.... Great picture by the way.

flag as inappropriate armagh    April 16, 2015

Yeah, I missed you. I love the way you look. Love your smile, the shape of your body, your legs, your breasts.... yes I missed you.

flag as inappropriate armagh    April 16, 2015

I think you are so very pretty.

flag as inappropriate bobsy01    April 16, 2015VResident
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Want to suck on your big sexy tits, get those nipples nice & hard
Then head below to your sweet smooth juicy pussy to lick those meaty lips and your hard clit, maybe a little lick round your ass, but let's get you cumming on my face - want you nice and wet before sticking my hard cock inside. A nice long hard fuck to follow with me pulling out before I cum,so you can finish me off by sucking me. Deep into your mouth and tasting your cum and mine as I empty my balls in you &over you

flag as inappropriate John Morgan    April 16, 2015
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Great smile, tits and played with pussy. I would massage your boobs before taking that toy and aggressively get you off

flag as inappropriate rppena123    April 16, 2015

Mmmmm baby I would lick you all over.

flag as inappropriate Sirduke    April 16, 2015
VCity Userpic

It hasn't be a while it's been way to long........ So Hot and you can't do that to us again.

flag as inappropriate pkr    April 16, 2015

Glad your back! Try not to stay away too long :-)

flag as inappropriate Chuck    April 16, 2015
VCity Userpic

it started out by licking that sweet pussy until I c** very wet and then I would turn you over on your stomach and f*** you doggy really hard

flag as inappropriate 946    April 16, 2015

Your breasts are beautiful.

flag as inappropriate 946    April 16, 2015

And so is your smile!

flag as inappropriate 946    April 16, 2015

Please post daily.

flag as inappropriate 946    April 16, 2015

I will follow your blog!

flag as inappropriate Tyro    April 16, 2015
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Wow! Very sexy! When are we getting together?

flag as inappropriate rahul dev    April 16, 2015
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wow u r so lovely and sexy... i missed u...lovely boobies...... hope u would like my small cock

flag as inappropriate Phillyden    April 16, 2015
VCity Userpic

I'd love to help you get off by licking that nice smooth pussy until you soak my face with your juices

flag as inappropriate phoenix    April 16, 2015

I'm so glad your back !! Yes I did miss you. You are one of the hottest lady's on this sight.

 gotmilf    April 16, 2015
VCity Userpic

Thanks Hun for the complements !

flag as inappropriate Hairy Bear    April 16, 2015

I'd love to lick your pussy and suck your clit until you were shaking with orgasmic delight

flag as inappropriate tongueNgroove4u    April 16, 2015

I wOOd first get you off by using my fingers to get you dripping wet. Then cums my eXXXciting tongue action which is guaranteed to get you off 2, 3 or as many times as you desire. Then this hard throbbing wOOd of mine would finish the job in as many positions as you can put up with!!! :-)

flag as inappropriate Robbie    April 16, 2015VResident
VCity Userpic

That is easy just lick and suck your clit and pussy until you cum and then do it all again and again and again. Would you cum in my mouth?

flag as inappropriate Loads tear    April 16, 2015

I'd lick that clit of yours till you screened for cock

flag as inappropriate Fyrdog    April 16, 2015VResident
VCity Userpic

Anyway you would let me!!.. What a spectacular looking woman!!.. You most definitely got me worked up!!..

flag as inappropriate PDV    April 16, 2015
VCity Userpic

Are you nibbles naturally hard? Or do they require some work?

 gotmilf    April 16, 2015
VCity Userpic

depends if you got me all excited....

flag as inappropriate PDV    April 16, 2015
VCity Userpic

Excitement is my second name. I must say though that you've got me all hard and wanting. Damn, darling, I'm fantasizing and stroking ... thinking of my face moving slowly up your thighs ... kissing and licking. Fingers circling the rim of your ass. Getting closer. Smelling. Feeling the heat. Nose touching your delicious pussy lips. Tongue out ... licking. Up and down you lips. Prodding. Pushing. Getting more and more excited as you moan and whisper. My lips tugging your lips. Over and over. Until they're swollen. Until you're throbbing. Wanting to hold my cock. Squeeze it. Stroke it. Pushing it against your pussy lips. Almost ready.

flag as inappropriate PDV    April 16, 2015
VCity Userpic

How abou letting me give you something real. But first, let's do some licking and sucking and nibbling and tugging. Me first ... and then you. I'd love to see you throbbing.

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