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Gotmilf: What would you do? Bite or suck or maybe something else? please tell me

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Posted for Unregistered Guests, VCitizens, VResidents by Gotmilf ( )



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"Love all the comments keep them cuming !!! Thanks to Voyeurclouds and my followers for making this such a fun place......"


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flag as inappropriate Curved1    Nov. 16, 2015VResident
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But suck and fuck!

flag as inappropriate Vcityfan    May 1, 2015

You are so damn sexy !!

flag as inappropriate Stugotz    April 16, 2015
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My choice? OK: have her ride me long and slow with her gorgeous sexy tits hanging over my face while I nuzzle them and suck them.... then we flip over and I tittyfuck her and leave my load dripping down her chest like a string of pearls...

flag as inappropriateWillem10 & Kathleen    March 13, 2014
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Wow, most beautiful & super sexy...

flag as inappropriate Sirduke    Dec. 23, 2013VResident
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I would pull each one up, by the rod, one then the other to see which one was the most sensitive. Suck & squeeze, the one not so sensitive first. To get that blood flowing. Then back and forth. Pulling, sucking, blowing cool air over the nipples. While holding both titties at attention.. Working back and forth. Then while holding your nipples, I move down between your legs , sliced my tongue on your clit apply a little pressure and rubb to you...cum.

flag as inappropriate Chuck    Dec. 4, 2013VResident
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mmmmmm I wanna suck

flag as inappropriate Jessiesdds    Nov. 24, 2013VResident
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flag as inappropriate CT2013    Nov. 23, 2013
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That is so hot.

flag as inappropriate RonB    Nov. 23, 2013
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I would start very gentle circles around your nipples. Then some easy sucking and then going down on your pussy while rubbing your nipples between my fingers. Then back up for some good sucking and tongue flicking.

flag as inappropriate iloveboobs    Nov. 15, 2013VResident
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Beautiful!...I'd love to...kiss...suck...lick...nibble...touch...fondle...squeeze...rub...bite...pinch...pull...grope...tease..."enjoy" myself all over them!

flag as inappropriate JJ    Nov. 15, 2013
VCity Userpic

Yes, Yes and most definately something else after the first two yes's! Is that a good start? ;-) JJ

flag as inappropriate bigcountry0033    Nov. 14, 2013

I would nibble softly and suck hard

flag as inappropriate foxhole    Nov. 14, 2013VResident

Such a good looking girl and tits look good too I tend to think they would look slightly better covered in someone's else's cum other than your man's ...but that's just me ..:-)

flag as inappropriate Lothario    Nov. 14, 2013
VCity Userpic

Dad gum... I wouldn't know where to start... maybe just viewing you... from all angles... soak up all your goodies up with my eyes for a while first.... until I couldn't take it anymore! ;-)

flag as inappropriate ocaz    Nov. 14, 2013
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Todo lo haria me ocurren muchas cosas... todas muy calientes. Un Beso!

flag as inappropriate handsomely-aged    Nov. 14, 2013
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Girl, you sweriuosly need to contribute more and more often!
Stellar female!

flag as inappropriatejustrite    Nov. 14, 2013

Like to suck your clit.

flag as inappropriate gc    Nov. 14, 2013
VCity Userpic

i would pull the bar with my teeth while i was licking that nip...

flag as inappropriate Cubmistress & Johnny B    Nov. 14, 2013
VCity Userpic

You seem content with your big boobs, so that leaves your coochie needing some attention. Grabbing the toy bag and some lube now....

flag as inappropriate sugar dick    Nov. 14, 2013VResident
VCity Userpic

Think I would start out by licking you silly!!!

flag as inappropriate Scooter    Nov. 14, 2013VResident

Think I'd start with some pinch and twist, to get hyper sensitive, then suck and nibble till you cum

flag as inappropriate mottob    Nov. 14, 2013VResident
VCity Userpic

Whatever you ask me too!

flag as inappropriateace4869    Nov. 14, 2013
VCity Userpic

Damn sweety the choices are endless, Nipping, licking your lovely nips and other places, (that's gonna be for your imagination to take care of) and a whole lot of Just taking of your needs in general.

flag as inappropriate htdes    Nov. 14, 2013
VCity Userpic

Pinch and twist your pierced nipple.
I'd love to hear you moan.

flag as inappropriate John Morgan    Nov. 14, 2013VResident
VCity Userpic

I would suck on your nipples, but bite your pussy lips.

flag as inappropriate dudeboy    Nov. 14, 2013

Lick & suck they look dam tastey!

flag as inappropriate Phillyden    Nov. 14, 2013VResident
VCity Userpic

Love to like that nice smooth pussy

flag as inappropriate oldhand    Nov. 13, 2013VResident
VCity Userpic

A lick and a suck then I want my hands to feel and squeeze them like you are doing. Repeat.

flag as inappropriate ttman    Nov. 13, 2013

Lick and suck your nipples, then lick your open pussy and suck your clit until you cum,

flag as inappropriate August    Nov. 13, 2013

Very sexy, bite,suck and start all over your clit hanging there...thats where i would start

flag as inappropriateCeltic Tiger    Nov. 13, 2013

Hmm, I's like to slide my long, tick cock deep inside your pussy.

flag as inappropriate luvladies    Nov. 13, 2013VResident
VCity Userpic

I am a sucker !! i's suck those beauties all night long !!

flag as inappropriate Optimus    Nov. 13, 2013VResident
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first I would suck it for sure... then... there are many things that pass by my mind!!!!

 gotmilf    Nov. 13, 2013
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Lets hear them!

flag as inappropriate Optimus    Nov. 25, 2013VResident
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mmmm touch them, strke them, suck them, kiss them... fuck them and then cum all over them

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